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Bruan MBS5 Mens Electric Wet and Dry Shaver 4210201320517

Bruan MBS5 Mens Electric Wet and Dry Shaver 4210201320517

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Details: Braun has created special series of some of the leading products, including the most versatile shaver: Series 5. This electric shaver embodies Braun's philosophy: good design is paramount.

A century of good design
For 100 years, good design has been at the heart of the philosophy on which all Braun products are based. The Series 5 Design Edition shaver is a pure reflection of Brown’s essence: simple, useful, and designed to last.

Good design is simple
Braun products are designed to be easy to use. Each of the three flexible razor blades is activated with one button, which simplifies a smooth shave.

Good design is useful
We believe that good design is useful. The Series 5 Design Edition shaver can be easily adapted to other editing needs – by simply installing a different Braun head on the

Good design is designed to last
Every design is supported by first-class materials and high-quality workmanship. Braun products are designed for durability that defies time, trends and wear.

Thorough and easy shaving
Three flexible Series 5 Design Edition razor blades shave extremely thoroughly for an efficient smooth shave.

Easily upgrade your shave
EasyClick technology allows you to tailor the Series 5 Design Edition shaver to your specific editing needs by using different heads.

Easy handling
The German shaver design and ergonomic handle allow you to shave effortlessly with simple one-way strokes.

lithium-ion battery Our most advanced lithium-ion battery. 50 minutes of operation with a fully charged battery, fast charging for one shave in just 5 minutes.

Product Specifications

Color: Black
Model Number: MBS5
Type: Wet & Dry Shaver
What's in the Box
1 x electric shaver
1 x Travel Case Design Edition
1 x smart plug
1 x cleaning brush
1 x precision trimmer
1 x instructions for use
Features: Electric shaver with three flexible blades that adapt to facial features, making a thorough shave completely easy | Designed for longevity: an electric shaver made in Germany. | Designed with built-in EasyClean system |
Additional Features: Li-ion battery for up to 50 minutes of shaving. 5-minute quick charge for one shaving procedure. | 100% waterproof electric shaver for wet and dry use
Dimensions: 25.50 x 13.70 x 8.20 cm
Power & Battery
Battery Type: Lithium-ion battery
Operation time: 50 min
Charging time: 1 hour 
Weight: .605 kg

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Bruan MBS5 Mens Electric Wet and Dry Shaver 4210201320517
Bruan MBS5 Mens Electric Wet and Dry Shaver 4210201320517
Bruan MBS5 Mens Electric Wet and Dry Shaver 4210201320517
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